Types Of Study Agreements

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When collaboration with an employee of a commercial enterprise takes place, a cooperation agreement with the university must be formalized and intellectual property rights addressed. Cooperation agreements with a commercial enterprise must be verified by Contracting Services. If there is collaboration between a University of Arizona investigator and a non-academic Arizona investigator outside the company, a memorandum of understanding is considered good practice. The Memorandum of Understanding should contain a declaration granting cooperation, the identification of the scientists responsible for the activities concerned and one or two sentences describing what each staff member will contribute. This letter should only be made between the investigators, unless the sponsor needs a signature from the university, in which case the contractual services must be included. The agreements have several names, including the Sponsored Research Agreement (SRA), the Collaborative Research Agreement (CRA), the Master Research Agreement (MRA), the Draft Agreement (z.B, Mitacs, Engage, etc.), the Funding Agreement, and the Contribution Agreement. A research agreement is more detailed and usually covers more issues than a grant agreement. Please note the “Category 3: Institutional, Service and Other Arrangements” below if a research agreement does not appear appropriate for the proposed cooperation or research project. This is an agreement between the university and another institution to allow mutually acceptable students from an institution to take credit courses at the partner institution.. . . .

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