Tc Group Collective Agreement

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As noted in the Recruitment and Engagement section, approximately 40% of internal separations were made between the TC subgroups and the OER, IS or PM subgroups. As shown in Table 15 below, the cumulative increases received by the majority of TC subgroups were greater than those of subgroups pa. Given that CT salaries increased equally or better in the pa subgroups shown in the table, the internal divisions for the TC subgroups are likely due to the natural mobility of the public service and not to wage gaps. Change the title to: Memorandum of Understanding for General Technical Group (GT) employees who work as enforcement and wildlife managers at Environment Canada The largest divisions that hire TC staff have not identified widespread recruitment and engagement issues for the six TC subgroups. The separation rates of the Technical and Scientific Assistance (CE) and Technical Inspection (IT) sub-groups, which represent 74% of the TC bargaining unit, were overall lower than those of the ACC between 2015 and 2018. In addition, departments carry out very successful recruitment processes for the TC Group. Subsequent amendments to the agreement must be made in accordance with this agreed approach. Like the 2019 salary study of Korn Ferry, an independent HR company with significant expertise in conducting salary comparability studies, the salaries paid to employees in all subgroups of the TC Group in 2017 are competitive with the 2018 salaries paid in the external market for comparable jobs. In fact, many subgroups enjoy much higher rates of pay – up to 21.6% – than for similar jobs in the Canadian economy. The employer therefore asks the Commission to add to its report the proposal for a four-year collective agreement, with model economic increases of 2%, 2%, 1.5% and 1.5% plus 1% for group-specific economic measures. As shown in the table below, psac`s monetary proposals are significant and represent a total current cost of approximately $264.2 million, or 28.9% of the TC Group salary base in 2018. Footnote 1 Change of title in: Statement of Intent concerning workers of the Technical and Scientific Assistance (EC) Group operating in fleet maintenance establishments or within the Technical Authority formation of the Ministry of Defence Taking into account the measures already provided for in the Treasury Classification and Collective Agreement Directive, the employer argues that the requirements proposed by the negotiator are met. .

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