Sap Quota Arrangement Scheduling Agreement

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I don`t want to generate public relations, I want to create appointment lines. I will therefore establish scheduling agreements for both suppliers. How can I link these supply plans to quota agreements, so if I run the MRP system, I should look for quota agreements and set timetables based on the percentage that I have indicated in the quota agreements. Smaller deliveries are required and can be spread over a longer period. Delivery planning allows suppliers to plan and allocate their resources more efficiently. In the list of sources, I gave consent. The list souce is MRP-relevent If you do not assign delivery plan numbers in the ME01 (maintenance of source lists), the system does not generate rankings, but only public relations that are assigned either to suppliers or not, depending on the setting of the layout key in the source list. But if I use quotas, if the system finds the supplier in the quota agreements, it will not even look at the list of sources. My question is 1). Why can`t I create 3 PRs based on my quota agreement? 2). When will MRP create schedule Lines instead of PR if I also cared for SA. I also established delivery plans for all supplier-material combinations.

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