Quotes About Consensus And Disagreement

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The earth is ready, the time has come, for the authoritarian expression of the feminine and for the masculine interpretation of this common social consensus that is beginning to write justice in the state and fraternity in the social order. Voice: 3 We are in crisis today because the practical consensus between the left and the right, which combines economic efficiency and social protection, has collapsed: 0 If one were asked to appoint a musician closest to the composition without any human error, I would say that the general consensus would choose Johann Sebastian Bach. Votes: 0 [Donald Trump] said in MSNBC`s Morning Joe program, “My main adviser is me.” While this can facilitate consensus, the range of perspectives is dangerously narrow. Voice: 0 However, efforts to inform the public have also fostered responsible public debate that has led to consensus on the measured approach, which many scientists have supported. Voice: 0 The lack of acuity essentially comes from a social change in what is appreciated: replacing a bold individual initiative with collaboration, consensus, teamwork, etc. All of these team-related decisions often lead to lukewarm solutions and a slow-moving organization. The vision of exceptional performance is, by definition, a few steps beyond consensus and conventional logic: 0 Avoid commissions and consensus in developing great distinctive advantages of the business model. Individuals have great unique ideas; Committees and consensus turn great, unique ideas into mundane ideas. Voice: 0 The problem is that no ethical system has ever reached consensus. Ethical systems are completely different from mathematics or science. That is a cause for concern.

Voice: 3 This shows that modern politics cannot be a matter of true moral consensus. And that`s not the case. Modern politics is a civil war waged by other means, voices: 0 Public education reform, property tax cuts, fixing adult and child welfare services, and funding our budget can all happen if Democrats and Republicans engage in consensus and cooperation — not cynicism and struggle. Voice: 2 To me, there seems to be a consensus – the process of abandoning all beliefs, principles, values and guidelines in search of something that no one believes in, but no one opposes. I think the general consensus is that the bigger it is, the more women flock to you. I think it`s a good thing that my HUGE is! Votes: 0 I believe that we will find a consensus on social security reform measures that will reduce this unfunded commitment in the long term and put the system on a sustainable basis. Voice: 0 There is a better scientific consensus on this than on any topic I know of, except perhaps Newton`s second law of dynamism. Man has reached the point where his influence on the climate can be as important as that of nature. An adequate environment for external security could also play an important role in promoting social consensus and institutionalization towards democratization.

Voice: 0 The art market is now global, and there is growing international consensus on what makes good art. Voice: 0 That is why we examine with great care the consensus of true, learned and purer antiquity, and we love and praise the testimonies of the Fathers that correspond to Scripture. Voice: 5 The areas of consensus are evolving at an incredibly rapid pace; the bubbles of certainty keep exploding. Voice: 2 The best way to reduce emissions and pollution is not through partisan theatre, but through the development of consensus on areas that bring about effective change. Votes: 0 Conservatives and delays are the main reason America lacks consensus and political will to fight catastrophic climate change. Voice: 0 If scientific facts, logic, and procedures are just arbitrarily “socially constructed” terms, all that remains is consensus — more precisely peer consensus, the kind of consensus that matters to young people or to many among the intelligent. . . .

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