No Lease Agreement What Are My Rights South Africa

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Report your suspicions to the South African police. It`s also a good idea to add a clause to your lease stating that no illegal activity should be carried out on the land, which would give you reasons to terminate the lease immediately. I started renting an apartment in July 2007 and had an annual rental agreement. At the beginning of 2008, the whole building was sold and we had new owners. They let us know they would sell the apartments, but we could stay there until they did. They never gave me a new lease when my old one expired in July 2008. This year, on March 15, I received a message that I had to evacuate the apartment by May 31 at the latest. I immediately phoned him and let them know that I would be out of the apartment until the end of March and asked him for a reference letter and my 2-month deposit. I have no more news of them. I moved at the end of the month and still haven`t heard from them. I left the keys in their offices, but they were on their way and couldn`t tell them about the fact that I was getting my deposit back.

I called them back a few days ago, after almost a month, and they told me they wouldn`t refund my deposit, because I moved before the end of May and they were still waiting for rent for the next two months!!! Isn`t that true, because they never gave me a new lease and they terminated me? Technically, your tenant is in default of contract. Refer to the breach clause (or, in case of oral agreement, the agreed termination terms) and act accordingly. For the past five years, we have rented a house to my wife`s sister and her husband without a contract. We paid the same on the rent and my wife and I had some disagreements and they gave notice of use to move from the dwelling. I will be fired at the end of May 2010. What are my rights as a tenant? If a lease expires and the tenant continues to pay rent and the lessor continues to accept it without rewarding the above conditions, he has effectively established a new implied lease. There are also some fixed-term leases which, upon expiry of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA), become monthly leases. According to the law, the payment and acceptance of rent after the official end of the lease means that a new lease has been agreed. I have a problem with Rental Pros,In Pretoria,,, is so slow in repaying my deposit, since other people moved while I moved ,,, you paid their full deposit ,,, and now they promised to pay my money today ,,, but still not in ,,,what should I do??? Hello, good morning. I need help and advice. I have a renting property for the last two weeks. I paid my landlord about R8500 deposit + R1700 rent as a pro rata for the semester in which I moved in.

Yesterday I made my first full monthly rent of R3400 for the month of May. The problem is that the owner shows himself unexpectedly and unreasonable hours of the night (after 9 p.m., he uses the excuse that he knows we will be at home at that time, so he tears at that time, I explained to him that to my knowledge, he had to give us just notce, that he will come and that he must be at some point, Which suits us. He also asks for a copy of the house keys and a key for each room in the house, which I totally refused, but he still insists on having these copies. What are my rights to this certainly, since I rent this property, it does not have the right to my privacy and not to be so disturbed, especially at this time of night….

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