Ncoa License Agreement

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If such a measure renders the software less useful to the licensee, licensor shall have the right, at its discretion and as licensee`s sole exclusive remedy, to use the removed hardware, replace the removed hardware with an appropriate substitute, restore the hardware to its original configuration, or reimburse the licensee in an amount equal to: the total amount of royalties due by the licensee under this Licence Agreement. NCOALink data is regularly transmitted to companies that have been licensed by Swiss Post. As a reminder, NCOALink® and FASTforward® Licensees are required, under their license agreements, to acquire a form of processing acknowledgement (PAF) for each of their customers. The NCOALink PIT Meeting Minutes 2010 was published on the RIBBS website® On the following link: as filename 2010 NCOALink® PIT Conference Minutes. Section 3.05 To the extent that the licensee provides the services to its customers, the licensee must have entered into, before providing the services to that customer or customers, an agreement with the customers, which addresses each of the restrictions and restrictions provided for in this Agreement in a manner that is no less restrictive than described in this Agreement. . . .

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