Multiple User License Agreement Definition

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6.2 Awingu has directly integrated certain software provided by third parties into the software. Awingu provides access to such third-party software as part of the licensed software. End User acknowledges and agrees that such third party software is subject to various other terms imposed by the licensors of such software by third parties. Therefore, it may be necessary to activate new license keys from time to time with respect to open-ended licenses, without incuring any additional costs to the end user. A list of third-party software licenses and their applicable terms are provided with the software. Such third-party software is provided “as you see it”, without any warranty. Any sublicense of third-party software terminates when the EULA ends or when the software is no longer used by the end user. End User use of such Third Party Software is subject to license terms specified by third parties, except that this Section 6.2 (Third Party Software) and Section 10 (Limitation of Liability) of the EULA also govern end User use of the Third Party Software. End User acknowledges that all third party licensors and suppliers retain all right, title and interest in and to their respective software products with respect to the Software. The end user agrees to comply with these third party license terms.

2.7 Archive Copy. The licensee`s licence referred to in point 2.2 (issue of the licence) shall include the right to make a single archive copy of the software, provided that (a) the limitation to individual copies does not apply to copies made as a random part of a routine backup of the entire computer system of the licensee on which the software is installed in accordance with this PDO, if this backup allows copies of all other software to be created on this computer the system and (b) all archival copies can only be accessed or installed if and for as long as the primary copy of the software is not accessible and is not operational. 6.1 The End User expressly acknowledges that the operation of the Software requires the End User to have or obtain, at the End User`s expense and expense, appropriate hardware and software licenses and/or third-party applications, such as.B. (but not limited to) Operating systems. Except as expressly stated in point 6.2, this AESA does not license or for software other than software, and the end user is responsible for acquiring all necessary software from third parties or other hardware or equipment. . . .

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