Mitigation Agreement Section 721

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(iii) the transaction has had or could lead to the granting to a foreign person of property rights relating to covered immovable property and the reasons for his point of view, focusing in particular on all powers (e.g. B on the basis of an agreement, law or regulation) that the foreign person will have in respect of the immovable property covered; and how these powers can or will be exercised. (7) Example 7. The same facts as the example in paragraph (h) (6) of this section, except that the covered property is not located in an urbanized area or urban cluster. Assuming there are no other relevant facts, the real estate transaction is a secure real estate transaction. (e) the description of a transaction made by the parties in a declaration or contract notice does not limit the ability of the Committee to assess, verify or investigate, as appropriate, or to exercise other powers available under Section 721 in respect of a covered real estate transaction that the Committee identifies as being disclosed to the Committee on the basis of the facts set out in the contract statement or notice; any additional information which will be communicated to the Committee after the initial declaration or opinion, or any other information at its disposal. . . .

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