Marriage Agreement Novel

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He met the MC for the first time in a competition and even followed the MC in his hometown and observed him. He also asked his friend to send him the MC data. So it`s no surprise that he knows too much about MC, how MC doesn`t have allergies, etc. After five years, he started meeting the MC again and realized that the MC always has a place in his heart, so when an opportunity arises, he took advantage of it. The next day, Helian Qing brought Han Yang to his appointment at the Traditional Chinese Medical Clinic.   In the car, Han Hao couldn`t help but ask, “Il Lianqing, why are you so good to me?” Because I am a good man. He told Lianqing a seriousness.   ”You`re serious.” Han Yu was speechless. (3) Honestly, it didn`t bother me in this part, especially if I read the whole story, because the gong not only waited, but took a step back to pursue uke first, but as I observe from previous reviews that it`s a big disconnect for them, I`ll add it here. The gong fell in love with the Uke when he was 25 and the Uke 15 or 16. Yes, he is very young.

Others find it scary, yes, I admit, but what changed my mind because he didn`t follow it at this point. In fact, he will have no chance to continue following him, which is mentioned in the extras if he is not reminded of the Uke and discovers that all these 5 years his heart still beats for him and so he began to pursue him. . . .

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