Ku Leuven Learning Agreement

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Students who have included a language course in their learning agreement must submit a copy of the certificate they received from CLT/ILT. This document is added as an annex to the official transscript of the recordings. Yes, but only in case of force majeure (for example. B temporal overlap of courses or examinations, cancelled courses). You should always contact your program advisor when making changes to your learning agreement with the reason for the change. The reason must be proven/documented by an email or official document from your host university. The Program Advisor will reject your initial program proposal. After the refusal, you must modify the courses of the online application tool and submit the new proposal. This must be verified by the Programme Advisor and officially confirmed. Courses that have been taken without official confirmation and that are not included in the signed learning agreement are not recognized upon return. Erasmus trainees must put online the “Learning Agreement für Learning”) It must be fully completed and signed by three parties: you as a future exchange student, your home university and the Erasmus coordinator of KU Leuven. The apprenticeship agreement for internships is available here.

You can consult this page if you need more information on the registration of your stay abroad (all statutes) and on the management of scholarships (erasmus+ countries and only Erasmus Belgica). For any questions regarding the learning agreement. Please contact your Erasmus coordinator at the faculty. What are the different steps I need to take for a signed learning agreement and an approved curriculum? Can I change the courses in my apprenticeship agreement after I arrive at the host institution? If you meet all the conditions (bilateral agreement, appointment by the home university, acceptable learning agreement and Transscript of Records), you will get one of the 3 possible outcomes: if you wonder if a course is right for you, you can always take (one) of the first courses. Or you can talk to the teacher. There is enough time to change your apprenticeship contract after you arrive. Contact Heleen Hendrix (Heleen.Hendrix@kuleuven.be) for more information about the documents (“Solemn Promise”, “Replacement Form”, ..) and where to find them. Apply online and follow the instructions on this site: www.kuleuven.be/english/application/instructions-exchange If you have any questions regarding the download of documents, contact Heleen.Hendrix@kuleuven.be www.kuleuven.be/english/education/ects/positioning/perfaculty#firw you will receive a confirmation of the decision by e-mail. If your application has been approved, you must first accept the offer before the official admission notice can be sent. You can accept the offer via the web application (the `Follow-up` tab after clicking on the corresponding application).

Exchange students do not have to pay the registration fee. Please select the courses from the list of English language courses available for exchange students. Not all courses in the English-speaking Masters of our faculty are open to Erasmus students. Contact your coordinator to find out if it is necessary to download an English language certificate A learning agreement is a contract between all parties to the exchange: student, home university and host university. Student travel grant (see the travelgrants website for more information on documents): What do I need to do to get the Erasmus scholarship (only for European destinations)? A final thesis can be worth either 12 (one semester) or 24/30 credits (full academic year). . . .

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