Indemnification Agreement New York

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In this context, the General Obligations Act § 5-321 invalidates any indemnification provision in a construction contract when it requires a party to be compensated for its own negligence. In Guzman, a construction worker was injured when 100 pounds of electrical cables with a height of 27 floors fell on him, and the worker is filing a complaint against the owner who asked for compensation from his contractor. The contract provided that the contractor “the owner parties” in the event of “liability or damages [or] breach. That is the case. as a result of an event or event related to the work. The contract provided that this exemption was available “to the maximum extent permitted by law.” The use of indemnification clauses in construction contracts, if properly adapted, can often offer protection to owners or general contractors against certain subcontractor claims. [1] 115 A.D.3d 462, 981 N.Y.S.2d 678 (1st Dep`t 2014) This is a general information article and should not be construed as legal or legal advice. Readers are encouraged to get advice from a building lawyer. Your comments and future article proposals are desired in the field below.. . . .

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