I Don`t Have A Lease Agreement

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Don`t worry if you haven`t received a formal written lease document from your landlord, in some cases an oral agreement is made between a landlord and a tenant, and although they are not ideal, they are still governed by the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985. If the above has occurred, a legally binding lease has been entered into with our rental agreement without a written rental agreement. For tenants who do not even have an oral agreement with their landlord, they are still protected by law as long as they regularly pay their rent, as this recognizes that there is a rental agreement. At the time, he even gave repeated assurances that “oh, it`s okay, don`t worry,” etc. even in the weeks that followed. He could see that I was very angry, but also that I had literally cleaned the carpet. The color of the carpet was a neutral beige, so the initial stain resembled that of the water poured on the carpet, as I had removed all the physical remains with paper towels and disposed of them accordingly. He even told me that he himself had poured drinks or water on the carpet many times, so it wasn`t much. You need to assess the relationship with your current tenant. If you`re a good tenant, consider getting them to sign a lease.

Even if you don`t have any problems right now, the lease helps resolve unforeseen future issues. A rental form is included free of charge in our owner`s starter kit. If your tenant had a headache, you should consider changing tenants. Treat the termination of the lease as if it were a monthly lease. I think, although I am not qualified as a lawyer, that he does not have the right to keep this money for the reasons mentioned above. It seems to me that he believes that the basis for retaining the surety lies in his own subjective conviction, although there is no objective evidence to the contrary. Also, the fact that he never mentioned orally or elsewhere that I would have to pay for some cleaning fee (or, in fact, that he hadn`t taken steps since September to benefit from such a service himself) indicates that he simply wants to keep the money for other reasons (perhaps to pay the advertising fees, to have found a new tenant – a totally independent business). .

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