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For more information on the use of social and news media for which the GSA has negotiated a favorable user agreement at the federal level, see DigitalGov under YouTube – The GDC uses YouTube to host informational videos about the GDC. NIH maintains and publishes a Data Protection Impact Assessment (PIA) for any use of a third-party website, which may have a different functionality or practice. For more information, see the AIP published in If you do something in a different way that pre-premised the state of the art, we`d love to hear about it! How has the increase in computing power enabled greater physical accuracy? Do you use cpu, GPU, Machine Learning? Possible themes are soft and rigid tissue physics, substance, fluid simulation, destruction, and new approaches to animation. The GOC Advisory Committee works to establish a varied and quality conference program and selects conferences that are representative of interesting and current work in game development. While the GDC is respected for the quality of its conference program, the Board of Directors strives to continually improve the quality and breadth of the conferences each year. This year we would also be delighted to have submissions on these hot topics: NOTE: GDC does not provide hardware (e.g.B laptops) for attendees. If you want participants to bring something, your proposal must clearly indicate this. We`d like to see a character talk that talks to character DESIGN, not just how to model high-frequency details in Zbrush or render them beautifully in Photoshop so that character design can pass a publisher focus test. The organizers of GDC 2021 want potential stakeholders to know that their goal is to organize a safe and productive conference and take comprehensive steps to achieve this. As the first hybrid personal/virtual GDC, speakers now have the opportunity to present presentations remotely in addition to the traditional personal format.

Show us your most modern techniques that show what new materials are capable of! Possible themes are TAA strategies, content reinforcement, physically-based materials and lighting, real-time global lighting, raytracing, new approaches to delay and before + rendering, as well as the increased use of compute-shaders and GPGPU techniques…

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