Connectwise Set Default Agreement

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Once the above steps are performed, the changes made to Myki are now reflected accordingly on the ConnectWise Manage portal. To verify this, go to the agreement of one of your managed companies. You can view the agreement by expressing the agreement. Once the product has been created, you can change both the cost and price of the Myki product. This is a standard amount charged to businesses. To calculate another amount for managed businesses, you must change them by clicking on “Edit Regulation” next to the company below. Once you have successfully created the agreement for the managed company, click on “Edit Accounts” and a window will open to change Myki`s billing settings. It allows you to change the cost of the license for this company if you decide to make changes to the default settings that have just been set. Now that Myki is connected to the corresponding product and corresponding agreements in ConnectWise, an input request is now displayed when changing the number of licenses on the Enterprise portal that informs you that the changes apply to the ConnectWise Manage agreement.

In this example, the number of licenses has been updated from 1 to 9. If you make it a part of your workflow when starting a new business, it has only hidden a smooth manual task and automates a task that normally takes up your precious time. To link Myki and the managing body, an agreement must be concluded within ConnectWise Manage. Please create a company agreement if it is not yet available for management. Below is an example. ConnectWise Manage Automate Plugin: When technicians enter their time for a service ticket for a customer, they don`t think about which agreement to apply and the service manager or dispatcher may be too busy to perform accurate time control. If this note falls on the accountant`s desk and he starts executing this invoice with false information, they have to come back later and change everything. Your customers don`t want to be called back to price increases and you can`t count on them to talk about it.

Create a workflow rule that notifies you via email and activity that an agreement birthday is scheduled within the next thirty days. This gives you plenty of time to get in and add that 21/2% increase. You can even use a preformatted email with a language that will give you that boost to increase a customer`s agreement. You put it in the contract or talk to a customer about it, just this little reminder to do it….

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