Cisco Isr License Accept End User Agreement

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If you purchased a BYOL license and are using the same license level, the migration path would be: (optional) Enable the switch and automatically accept the End User License Agreement (EULA). This can be useful in scenarios where delivery is automated using installation scripts. I tried to accept the EULA`s orders, and they seem to be working. And it does not show “Not in use, the EULA is not accepted”. A single Cisco IOS XE Universal image, which includes all the features, comes with the platform. Advanced features can be activated easily by activating a software license on the universal image. Technology packages and functional licenses, enabled by user rights licenses, simplify the provision of software and reduce the operating costs of providing new features. Accept the EULA to activate the corresponding function. Migrating a perpetual license from previous versions of the software images is seamless.

For more information on accepting the EULA, see for example: Accepting the Global EULA, pages 10-6. The licenses appear to be displayed in the OK GUI. I decided to complete the setup and see what would happen when the trial period expires. If it works as TAC indicates, it should be okay. I found a great blog post to install a demo license on the RSE router (, but I came across an extra (and important) step at the bottom. Four major technology licenses are available for the Cisco 4000 series. These licenses can be activated through the Cisco software activation process, which is listed on The following licenses are available: If I try to accept the license agreement to activate the CME license on the router, the agreement will not be displayed and I will not be asked to accept it.

The Cisco ASR 1001 router and the ASR 1002-X router support licenses based on technology packets that are not tied to nodes. Technology packages and feature licenses are activated with built-in trial licenses. Trial licenses are temporary licenses valid for 60 days. When the time allowed for an evaluation license expires, the certificate is automatically updated to RTU license. . . .

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