Apple Software Update Agreement

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Apps made available through the App Store will be licensed to you and will not be sold. Your license for each application is subject to your prior acceptance of either this License Agreement for Licensed Applications (“EULA Default”) or a custom end user license agreement between you and the application provider (“Custom USLA”) if provided. Your license for an Apple application under this EULA or custom EULA standard is granted by Apple and your license for any third-party application under this EULA or custom EULA standard is granted by the application provider of that third-party application. Any application subject to this EULA standard is called a “licensed application”. The Application Provider or Apple (“Licensor”) reserves any rights to the Licensed Application that are not expressly granted to you in accordance with this default ITA. Our services are available to you for use in your country or territory (“country of origin”). By creating an account for the use of the Services in a given country or territory, you concretize it as your country of origin. To use our services, you need compatible hardware, software (latest version recommended and sometimes necessary) and Internet access (fees may be charged). The performance of our services may be influenced by these factors. Information about licensing development software can be found on apple`s developer website. You agree that the Services, including content, graphics, user interfaces, audio clips, video clips, editorial content, and scripts and software used to implement the Services, contain proprietary information and materials owned by Apple and/or its licensors and protected by applicable intellectual property and other laws, including, but not limited to, copyright. .

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