2 Plus 2 Agreement

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The UW and the state`s seven Community Colleges have announced “universal 2 plus 2” partnership projects that would create the conditions for the UW`s agreement with any college and not for the departmental approach. The agreements define transfer guarantees for all students, regardless of academic discipline. In early 2016, India signed three core agreements: the Memorandum of Understanding for Exchange Logistics (LEMOA), the Cooperation and Security Agreement (COMCASA), while the General Security of Military Information Agreement (GSOMIA) was signed a long time ago. During the last 2+2 dialogue, an extension of the GSOMIA, the Industrial Safety Annex (ISA), was signed. These 2+2 agreements will help you transfer your credit hours in Central Piedmont to a bachelor`s degree related to this institution. Hinds Community College has two plus two agreements with Delta State University and the University of Southern Mississippi to offer junior and senior courses at one of our six locations upon completion of the Art Associate Studies program. Hind students can work for a bachelor`s degree from college or college, without having to leave the Jackson subway. The University of Mississippi for Women offers a two plus two Bachelor of Technology in Culinary Arts-focused Professional Studies at the Jackson Academic Career Technical Campus. While the new agreements are being developed at the university and college level, all participating colleges are committed to meeting current program-level articulation agreements and ensuring continuity of service to Wyoming students. The objective of concluding the new contracts is the end of the current calendar year. Over the past five years, students have been able to seamlessly transition to the University of Wyoming thanks to dozens of “2 plus 2” articulation agreements between UW academic departments and institutions.

Two other agreements, plus two, are with Jackson State University, Mississippi State University, the University of Louisiana Monroe, the University of Mississippi Medical Center School of Health Related Professionals and the V3 College of Mississippi University for Women to help students seamlessly transition from Community College to the Institute of four years and a detailed curriculum in an academic bachelor`s degree program the accounts. “This agreement (BECA) will allow for a more extensive exchange of geographic data between our armed forces.

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